Tuesday, November 29, 2016

LOVE NOTES (sample feature/column)

Dear Jim,

         I'm a young lady who fantasizes "chick flick" leading men. Recently, I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and find myself falling in love with John Corbett's character Ian Miller.

         I'm an avid fan of romantic movies. When I watch chick flick movies, I can't stop myself to like those fictional male characters. Lately, I realize that all my standards of finding a right guy are based on these "chick flick" loveable guys.

         At my age of 20, I'm NBSB (No boyfriend since birth). I hope that I'll find a guy similar to those guys in romantic movies. So far, I couldn't find a guy like them. What should I do, Jim?


Dear Jerilee,

         Thank you for sending an e-mail. We all have this notion to adapt the principles we watch in movies.

          It's good to be entertained with these kinds of films BUT you must consider there are things happen only in movies not in real life. "Chick flick" guys are created by artistic screenwriters.

          Jerilee, you're still young. There are great things in store for you. Learn to participate in healthy activities that will develop your personality. If you're still studying, join groups that can hone your potential.

          In the meantime, try to lessen watching romantic movies. Do not isolate yourself. Hence, get out of your comfort zone. We don't know maybe your forever is just around the corner.


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